Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lying Liberal Lawyers For Udall

Since we have remarked so often that Mark Udall is a stranger to the truth, it shouldn't be a surprise that he would have others lying for him.

Today, Dominant Reality put out this gem:

Colorado - Mark Udall still looks like a shoe in to defeat Bob Schaffer for Wayne Allard's open seat. Shaffer's campaign has been worse then anyone anticipated and is bringing on memories of Bob Beauprez' wonderful 2006 loss in the Colorado Governor's race.

We assumed this guy was from out of state and clueless. It turns out that he is a Boulder Lawyer, and therefore, by definition, both clueless and a liar. He should have named his blog "Escape From Reality." Better yet, he might have considered "Lewyers caint spel, wee uz spelck"

OK, maybe we got carried away, but when the rest of the Democrat world is unhappy that Bob Schaffer isn't campaigning enough that they know and can trash his positions, it seems silly to see a comment that his campaign is "worse then anyone anticipated."

(Full disclosure: We spent the day and most of the last week dueling with the Colorado Supreme Court over whether a plain, ordinary non-lawyer would have input into a group dominated by lawyers that is making up the law as they go, literally. Maybe we were a bit hard on this Boulder Lawyer. Nahhh. )

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