Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where Is Udall on the Issues?

The Left in Colorado has been so bored, they've been complaining that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has not taken the time to update his campaign website with clear and detailed opinions on the issues of the day. This fact alone makes a recent development at the campaign site of Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall very interesting: His issues page is down. Who on the Left will take notice that their candidate has withdrawn his official positions on campaign issues important to the people of Colorado?

Meanwhile, as a public service, Schaffer v Udall is picking up the slack with links to Udall's stances on a host of issues, including:

- War on Terrorism
- Energy
- Environment
- Education
- Healthcare
- Taxes
- Second Amendment Rights
- Freedom of Political Speech
- Judicial Filibusters
- Secret Ballots for Workplace Elections

Perhaps, after the relentless analysis and critique of Udall's statements and voting record provided by this website's contributors, his campaign may have decided it's time to rethink the candidate's positions on some key issues. We are most understanding and indulgent, willing to "pardon [the Udall campaign's] dust" for awhile, as Net surfers drop by here to learn more.

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