Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Kos is at it again.

Then again, the GOP's entire campaign against Mark Udall is that he's a "liberal"...

He goes on, admittedly tongue in cheek:

Today, the liberalist of liberal liberals, Tom Udall (who is liberal), is scheduled to be feted at a liberal party with the liberalist of liberal Democrats in liberal San Francisco, a city full of liberals. Considering liberal Mark Udall is already too liberal for Colorado victories, it seems fitting.

The event of liberals, liberally organized by ultra liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas, a liberal, of the really, really, really liberal blog 'Daily Kos', is liberally scheduled to take place at a liberal bar in liberal San Francisco, a city full of liberals.

The point that he is missing is that we here in Colorado hardly have to try to tag Mark Udall as a liberal. Our friends in the msm and the left leaning blogs do it regularly for us. See our scoreboard at the right. We are going to make a point in not counting this clever little post because we already have enough posts and msm mentions to make a very solid statement as to how far left the left thinks Mark Udall really is.

Kos, you are welcome to follow the bread crumbs that you will find to the right to check our methodology. We've even found your blog calling him a liberal, but we notice that you have stopped, not because he has stopped being a liberal, but because of the baggage that word carries.

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