Saturday, November 10, 2007

Udall Defending Us from Asteroids

A clipping from Washington, DC, this week, that highlights Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall's leading concerns about our national security:
“NASA’s NEO survey program is our ‘insurance policy’ against getting taken by surprise by an incoming asteroid. Much progress has been made in detecting and cataloging the largest NEOs over the last decade. However, much more remains to be done,” said Udall. “We need to survey the smaller but still potentially hazardous asteroids that could do significant damage if they impact or explode above the Earth’s surface. While the probability of such a direct hit is low, we in Congress have a responsibility for the safety of American citizens and we have directed NASA to come up with a survey plan. NASA didn’t deliver a plan that would get the job done. I will continue to work with NASA and hold the agency accountable until their plan is complete.”

It is good to see Udall expressing a concern for our nation's security. While he has no problem slandering an American general leading our forces in the central front in the war against Islamofascist terrorists, Udall at least is taking a strong stand to protect us all from incoming asteroids.

Or then again, maybe he's just feeling a little bit nostalgic.

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