Monday, November 5, 2007

That Other Udall

No blog about Mark Udall would be complete without an occasional reference to his cousin, Tom Udall.

Joe Monahan seems to write an exceptionally complete blog about New Mexico politics. He reports:

Top Democratic Party insiders said they agreed that Udall's initial foray into the public arena following his decision to reconsider a Senate race was more muted than expected. They also said they believe he is taking two weeks not to just talk to the Senate leadership, but to see if D.C. Dems intent on getting ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez out of the race can work some magic on Udall's behalf...

Another political veteran offered her assessment where the Chavez-Udall situation stands.

"Chavez sleeps on cement. This is it for him. He is going to do whatever it takes. Udall has a soft pillow with his congressional seat. That's the difference." She said.

Others chimed in that Udall's two week stall could have the effect of drying up Marty's cash and also keeps the focus off of Big Bill who has been wounded by speculation that he might seek the Senate seat if his Prez campaign falters.

We will watch to see if the lefty blogs are as anxious to promote a Chavez-Udall primary in New Mexico as they have been to promote a primary against Schaffer in Colorado.

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