Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Mask Comes Off

As regular readers and commentators on the politics of Mark Udall, we find it interesting that the conventional msm/blog wisdom is that Bill Ritter is a moderate and that Udall is to the left of Ritter.

This past Friday, even the tone deaf and politically blind who write for the msm and for liberal blogs had to note the political earthquake set off by Ritter when he unionized by fiat Colorado state workers.

Both the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post endorsed Ritter as a supposed moderate. Hell has no fury like a newspaper editor scorned.

It will be both interesting and entertaining to see if either tries to endorse Mark Udall, and if so, how they go about it. Will they adopt the once burned, twice shy attitude that would seem reasonable, or will they put their credibility on the line with Udall as they did with Ritter by claiming that Udall is something he is not, and no one claims him to be, including Mark Udall?

There is a fake Chinese curse regarding living in "interesting times." We do.

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