Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today's Fun Quiz

One of the problems with today's political environment is the willingness of agenda driven zealots to lie in obvious ways to advance their cause.

This is a site that follows the machinations of Mark Udall in his quest to be US Senator. Udall has lied to advance his cause so often that we created a label for it: Udall as a liar. That label has been appended to this post so that readers can follow it if they care to.

That is not really the fun quiz. Instead, go to yesterday's Aspen Daily News Enviros up pressure on Ritter over the Roan and see if you can find two obvious lies told by the environmentalist extremists in that article.

If you don't find the lies, check out Ritter Watch for the answers.

Annoy an environmentalist today, THINK.

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