Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Owens' Fundraising Letter for Schaffer Signals Growing Party Unity

Awhile back the Lefty blogs around Colorado tried to stoke the flames of intraparty rivalry for the Republican nomination of a U.S. Senate candidate in 2008. But receiving a particular piece of mail today, I was reminded of just how long they have gone quiet on this matter.

The mail was a fundraising letter addressed from former Gov. Bill Owens on behalf of Bob Schaffer. Anyone who remembers the political events of three years ago and what has followed since for the GOP realizes the significance of a wholehearted Owens endorsement of Schaffer's candidacy that includes a request of campaign financial support from the party base.

Why have the Lefties shut up about this issue? Because it wasn't working, and it's losing its credibility. It's becoming less and less true with each passing week. As I wrote nearly a month ago:
Without losing an eye on his longterm strategy of reaching out to unaffiliated voters, Schaffer is working hard to unify a wounded party one phone call at a time. Talking to party activists and supporters who pour out their anger and frustration at the infidelity to core principles displayed by many GOP officials, Schaffer said he typically tells them, "Hey, I'm a frustrated Republican, too."
Piece by piece, Schaffer has been working to rebuild the trust, the confidence, and the unity of Colorado Republicans. And yes, even Bill Owens is on board this time.

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