Saturday, November 24, 2007

So, Who Will Replace Udall?

Firedoglake is about as far left wing (not counting Kos, HP, and others) as you can find. Mark Udall is leaving a liberal base in Boulder. It is easy to get a sense of how far left Udall is by watching the comments from the left on who will replace him.

Fitz-Gerald is seen as the inside the beltway candidate, which isn't good as Rahm Emanuel sold out the really far left when he helped "reactionary" Democrats win. She has no issues on her site (also bad).

You may recall that last month Establishment insiders held a little training session for favored candidates in Chicago, conducted by Christine Pelosi, who will be visiting with us at FDL later today. Most of the candidates who were invited have no primary opponents and they are busy battling Republicans. A few– one of whom was Joan Fitz-Gerlad– have very serious primaries and this caused some alarm. Was this the dreaded anti-grassroots DCCC interference, the kind of interference that saddled us with a Congress that can’t get much done because of so many reactionaries, some of whom were unscrupulously pushed by Rahm Emanuel last year?
Read only about half of the post. The author wandered away from his original subject and into immigration, which, while interesting, wasn't all that enlightening.

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