Thursday, November 15, 2007

Does Lying Run In The Udall Family?

We have documented elsewhere the propensity of Mark Udall to be less than truthful, in fact, much less than truthful. We're beginning to think it runs in the family - that holding the power of a Congressman or Senator is so important to the Udalls that the truth has become unimportant, even inconvenient.

Remember, last month when Mark Udall said that Tom Udall had been "planning for this moment" to be a US Senator? Then, almost immediately, Tom Udall let it be known, untruthfully, that he wouldn't run.

It turns out that Udall always intended to run, and was playing coy in the hope that Chuck Schumer could clear the field. The field wasn't cleared, but Udall entered anyway. All that Tom Udall got for his gamesmanship was an opportunity for us to point out that the habit of lying to the public does run in the Udall family.

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