Monday, December 3, 2007

Rothenberg: Schaffer-Udall Race Offers Colorado Voters "Clear Choice"

The latest flyover view of Colorado's upcoming U.S. Senate race between Bob Schaffer and Boulder liberal Mark Udall, via the Rothenberg Political Report:
Democrats are on the move in Colorado, but this cycle’s open Senate seat race isn’t going to be as easy as some of the early prognosticating indicated. With or without Sen. Wayne Allard (R) in the race, this would have been a top Democratic opportunity.

Now, state voters will have a clear choice between liberal Cong. Mark Udall (D) and conservative former congressman Bob Schaffer (R). Neither man is running from party or ideological labels, but each believes he fits the state better.

While Democrats are battling the storyline that this open seat is a done deal, Schaffer is trying to convince potential donors and supporters that this is a winnable race in the face of the current national environment.
Those willing to dish out the dough for a subscription can also follow the link to subscribe to the full report, or you can just stay tuned to Schaffer v Udall for the view from the ground.

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