Friday, December 21, 2007

Looking at Hillary through the Newsum Prism

This week, on Colorado Inside Out, David Kopel offered the view that unless the Democrats nominated Bill Richardson, having the convention dominate the news in Colorado for so long will remind Colorado voters of the "leftyness" of the national party which will make it harder for Udall to try to move himself towards the center of the Colorado political spectrum.

Dani Newsum, who later in the program complained that Bill Ritter and the Colorado Legislature "aren't half as liberal as I would like them to be" claimed that it is an urban myth that Hillary is a "lefty." Newsum considers Hillary "right wing" on foreign policy and "in the mainstream" on health care. Of the front runners, Hillary is the most conservative, but you would never know it checking out "right wing blogs." "She's no Gloria Steinem."

One wonders when KBDI will pull the plug in the looney left commentary that Dani provides. It may never happen as she may be on the program to make the two other left leaning commentatiors seem centrist. It doesn't work, but nice try.

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