Saturday, December 22, 2007

When the Dam Breaks, Most Run for High Ground

The Rocky Mountain News is praising Bill Ritter's "moderate" decision to allow drilling on the top of the scrub land covered Roan Plateau. They did get a dig in, though:

It's a refreshing change from the officeholder who has too often sided with organized labor, environmentalists, public employee groups and other narrow special interests - to the detriment of solutions that appeal to the broad majority of Coloradans.

It is almost as though the little dutch boy pulled his finger out from the hole in that very leaky and poorly positioned dam.

While Mark Udall hasn't sought the high ground after Ritter stepped aside, Ken Salazar has:

The governor may have other opponents of the BLM plan reconsidering, however. A spokesman for Sen. Ken Salazar - who tried to delay leasing for one year - told us the senator will work with Sen. Wayne Allard on legislation to make sure that Colorado gets its fair share of revenues from future Roan leases.

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