Saturday, December 8, 2007

So Many Lies, So Little Time

If the Denver Post, itself a liberal bastion, says that a political ad is fully truthful, why would a blogger go out of his way to title a post "Republican Attack Ad Backfires on Senate Candidate?"

Those latinos who know Castro best, Cuban refugees, are stalwart Republicans and will cheer on this ad. If there is a Step and Fetch It in this ad, it is an accurate characterization of Castro's own propaganda machine, not the latino culture.

This post is just another lie at a time when we have been legitimately pointing out elsewhere that the Big Blue Lie Machine is working at full power here in Colorado.

It seems that the Democrat party and its minions are becoming desperate out of fear that they won't realize the big Senate gains they confidently predicted only a few months ago.

Democrats would be well to consider that our democracy is endangered when they make the truth a regular victim of their politics.

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