Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inconsistent Mark

You would think that someone like Mark Udall would be afraid, very afraid of weather modification schemes. They work by pumping various chemicals into the atmosphere in the hope of generating rain.

Those chemicals have to come down somewhere, and when they do, they pollute the area. Barium, one of the chemicals of choice, is poisonous when inhaled in at least one of its forms.

Mark Udall not only isn't afraid, he is sponsoring a bill to promote weather modification. Like most of his handiwork, it has gone nowhere. Saner heads, and that is only a relative term, have prevailed in congress.

There is a rumor (if there isn't, we are starting one) that Mark Udall intends his weather modification bill to spread barium in the more conservative parts of Colorado in the hope that if he doesn't win election in 2008, enough conservatives will have died off by 2014 that Bob Schaffer couldn't possibly win in a rematch.

We actually wrote this not because we are afraid of barium, or Udall's weather bill, but to demonstrate how easy it is for the environmentalist left to start irresponsible rumors and to make irresponsible claims about global warming. Fear mongering at its finest.

It is our laugh for the day. At least we are honest about what we are doing. If a liberal had written this, he wouldn't have had the integrity to admit that it was a joke.

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