Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We're Begging For It

This may belong on the Ritter Watch blog. Our friends at Colorado Confidential have discovered that Colorado is one of the five most hospitable jurisdictions in the world for oil and gas exploration. Their comment:

It turns out there's a reason that Colorado is such a hotbed of oil and gas activity: We're begging for it.

The report they quote is here:

Essentially, this survey was designed to determine in which jurisdictions public policy factors, such as taxation and regulation, and the business environment more generally, constitute significant barriers to investment in the upstream petroleum industry...

It seems odd that they should be worried. The Democrats are working overtime, from Mark Udall in Congress to Bill Ritter and the legislature to make Colorado as inhospitable to business as possible. Give them two more years and they will not only chase the oil and gas industry out of state, they will chase everything else out.

They and Hillary are alike: She has more ideas than the country can afford. They and Hillary are different in that Hillary admits her addiction to big government, but they don't seem smart enough to have figured it out.

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