Thursday, December 6, 2007

Udall Spokesman Says Ad is False, Denver Post Verifies Ad is True

As documented by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) blog, the spokesman for Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall (the would-be Senator from DailyKos) is not telling the truth. The dispute is over an ad posted by an independent group that highlights Udall's sponsorship of a bill to open offshore Cuba to the drills of American oil companies:

From NRSC:
The Denver Post says the ad is true:

Title: Cuban Hero Award

Sponsor: Common Sense Issues, Inc.

Type: Television

Message: Democratic senate candidate Mark Udall has introduced a bill that would allow American companies to drill for oil in environmentally-sensitive waters controlled by the Cuban government, potentially helping the economy of an American enemy.

Grade: True

Yet, Mark Udall continues to claim that the ad is false:

Udall campaign spokesman Mike Melanson called both ads false and misleading. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2007)

Why is Mark Udall trying to mislead the people of Colorado?
An excellent question. Instead of explaining or justifying Udall's leading support behind this issue, his spokesman tries to deny a fact that can easily be verified. What's going on here?

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