Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Year's Resolution

We're beginning to think that Mark Udall has adopted a "Resolution a Day" strategy to win the election. Every day is New Year's day on Udall's calendar.

His anti-soldier, anti-Limbaugh resolution went nowhere. It doubtless got his campaign some more left wing money-it is no coincidence that Udall has been on the left coast raising money-but it made no friends in the military. It was doomed from the day he leaked that he would introduce it.

He was a Johnny Come Lately as a Rockies fan, but he made up for it by introducing a resolution congratulating the Rockies for making the World Series.

Now, he is proposing a resolution to honor the 50th anniversary of a satellite system that few have heard of-Landsat. There won't much controversy in that resolution. We predict that it will pass, which is more than we can say for much of Mark Udall's agenda.

If we could get Mark Udall to make a New Year's Resolution, it would be that he stop standing on the corner waving his arms wildly with these resolutions and ask his staff to do some real work.

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