Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Alternate Universe That Is Boulder

Does anyone recall the Mark Udall quote about Boulder County being:

“home base for me. This is the touchstone; this is where I take my inspiration.”

We have found a new Boulder based blog that is part of the alternate universe that is Boulder. It is Rant from Boulder and Bellview. It is an entertaining read and we learn so much. We would have never guessed that Karl Rove was so effective that:

They have had years to paint Senator Clinton as a looney liberal. She isn't. She is right of center just like her husband. but the truth never got in the way during a campaign cycle.

The implications of this revelation are enormous! Hillary is a part of the vast right wing conspiracy and yet Karl Rove has painted her as a looney liberal!

That kind of thinking is what makes Boulder politicians look so far out of touch with reality:

Maybe it is true, in this alternate reality, that Mark Udall didn't really sponsor the Department of Peace. It was really to be a top secret renewable energy project that would have sent Saudia Arabia back to the era of scimitars and horses.

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