Monday, December 17, 2007

US House Congratulates Rockies

We had to chuckle that as the Rockies made their epic run, winning 20 of 21 games, Mark Udall had nothing to say. It was as though he was in Washington DC and couldn't be troubled to notice something as mundane, as pedestrian as Rocktober in Major League Baseball.

We believe that it is correct to observe that once Mark Udall did take public notice, the Rockies never won another game. Some politicians are lucky, and some are not.

In an effort to make up for lost ground, Udall sponsored a bill in Congress to honor the Rockies after he found out that lawmakers from that other team's state had done the same for their team. Perhaps Udall's luck is changing. The Rocky Mountain News reports that Udall's bill passed on a voice vote.

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