Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Blue Lie Machine Allies with Far Right Fringe to Take Focus Off Liberal Mark Udall

Re the fringe group that leaped into action against Republican candidate Bob Schaffer, Rocky Mountain Right diarist "Carnival Tent" adds further perspective:
In one of the most curious twists of the election, the media has been giving large amounts of coverage to fringe organizations claiming that Bob Schaffer is pro-abortion. Any sane person could tell you that Bob Schaffer has been one of the most pro-life legislators in Colorado. As genuine pro-lifers are rallying to Bob Schaffer's candidacy, what then could be the real agenda of these groups?

A cursory glance at American Right To Life's website reveals that they consider National Right To Life and other pro-life organizations to be traitors in the "legacy of Judas" for focusing on helping to end abortions instead of crusades against birth control or childhood vaccines as American Right To Life embraces. They deviate even further from their stated pro-life aims by campaigning against the theory of evolution and go so far as to blame the teaching of darwinism in public schools for everything from the Columbine Shootings to the Holocaust.

In order to force their extremist views on the Republican Party, views rejected by the pro-life movement as a whole, they are willing to align with Wendy Doromal to attempt to destory Bob Schaffer to intimidate conservative Republicans. Doromal is a left-wing activist and a darling of the NEA.
That about says it all. The Left's Big Blue Lie Machine desperately wants to portray Bob Schaffer as a far right candidate, but allies with the Far Right to attack him.

Meanwhile, by their own acknowledgment, their Democrat candidate Mark Udall is liberal or reliably left wing.


Curious Stranger said...

So, campaigning against the the theory of evolution is an extremist view? What does Bob Schaffer think about that?

Alan said...

The speed and belligerence with which you guys eat your own is breathtaking to witness. Have you ever read Animal Farm? "Four legs good, two legs baaaad!" This is truly hilarious.

Gosh, the hardcore pro-lifers won't join you in your utterly hypocritical apologetics just to get a GOP Senate candidate over the finish line? Pity that. Not that I find much to agree with them on generally, but you know, we should all be able to agree that forced abortions are always bad. Trouble here is they seem to have convictions that aren't malleable based on partisan-shill whim. Unlike you, Ben...

Ben DeGrow said...


Your grasp of Orwell's book as a hard-core Lefty propagandist is tenuous and ironic. You seem to have much better grasp of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, though (http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/8925/alinsky.htm) - particularly, Rules 3 through 6.

The number of half-truths, distortions, weak assumptions, and outright lies you can squeeze into two short paragraphs - a reply unworthy of a response - is breathtaking.

I will continue to highlight your devotion to the amoral radical tactics of Alinsky and your utter disregard for the truth.

Alan said...

Be assured I can't wait. Try to keep your "highlights" lively if you can--it's nice that you feel the need to prove to (both of) your readers how scholarly and grammatical you are, but don't put them to sleep.

Seriously, just trying to help. Maybe you could liven things up with a dildo like your boss Jon Caldara does? Mind you, just wave a clean one around in the air as you write or something--the thought that may have occurred to you when I suggested it is kind of icky.

Laugh said...

Wow Alan,

I admire Ben for not responding, but you, sir, have no class. Your response is typical of those who find themselves on the losing end of a debate. It is still unfortunate.

Second, that a Democrat would accuse Schaffer supporters of "eating (their) own" at a time when his party's identity politics is ripping the party apart is....special. If we need advice on unity, the Democratic Party is not exactly where we'll turn. Thanks though.