Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mark Udall Campaign Bleeding Cash

Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall raised $1.45 million in the last quarter. We all know that. But it's kind of surprising that the Dead Governors fell asleep at the wheel on the real story: Udall spent $831,000 from October through December.

If the Mark Udall camp is performing a media buy, we haven't seen it. So where is all that money going? Patent leather office chairs or golden bathroom fixtures at campaign headquarters? Solar-powered Blackberries? Or maybe it's being wasted on high-paid online staffers? Udall's friend Governor Bill Ritter probably wishes some of that money could be shared to cover his outstanding campaign debts.

Meanwhile, Republican Bob Schaffer raised $1.02 million but spent only $366,000 during the same period. As a result, he actually gained against Udall in cash on hand. In a press release sent out from the Schaffer campaign, Dick Wadhams said, "We are well on our way to bringing in the resources necessary to beat Boulder Liberal Mark Udall and his out-of-state liberal elitist donors this fall."

Fundraising is only part of the equation - how wisely and efficiently money is spent in support of an effective campaign plan also matters greatly.

And Mark Udall spends his campaign money almost as extravagantly as he spends taxpayer money on favors to campaign contributors.

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