Friday, April 25, 2008

Enviro-Radical Campaign to End Up Exposing Mark Udall's Harmful Policies?

The Rocky Mountain News has one of the most un-amazing "dog bites man" headlines of the year: "Five national environmental groups to target Schaffer."

No one is surprised that the out-of-state enviro-radicals like Sierra Club are throwing their political heft behind their champion Mark Udall. But what fewer people may know is that Mark Udall and the Sierra Club are working behind the scenes in Congress to kill a moderate bipartisan compromise plan that would allow clean drilling on the Roan Plateau. Killing the plan means thwarting jobs, economic growth, and higher education funding for Colorado.

In addition, some of the short-sighted policies Udall has championed for the enviro-radical lobby have exacerbated the damage to Colorado forests from fires and pine beetles.

A watcher observes:
The rules are a bit different here in Colorado. While these groups can come in and try to destroy Bob Schaffer's chances, they are quite vulnerable to being hung on their own scaffold. If industries can be punished and regulated for emitting greenhouse gases as Bill Ritter seems intent to do, then environmentalist organizations and their contributors can be held responsible and liable for the carbon dioxide put out by fires and rotting timber. It is the same gas.
A watcher points readers to a new Reuters article that highlights the massive carbon dioxide emissions from pine beetles and forest fires. Udall and the Sierra Club can't have it both ways.

Colorado needs a more moderate, balanced, reasonable approach than Mark Udall and the enviro-radical lobby have to offer.


alan said...

Ben, has anybody ever told you that your bombastic rhetoric is completely over the top, that you sound more like a wannabe 1950s McCarthyite radio demagogue than a credible perspective people should give the time of day to?

Again, just trying to help. If you could find a way to make your point without employing silly hyperbolic terms like "Enviro-Radical" or "Big Blue Lie Machine" (note the excessive capitalization, that's a good place to start) you'd be more inclined to be accepted by passing readers as a reasonable person, instead of dismissed as yet another unserious bug-eyed lunatic.

But of course you are what you are at the end of the day.

Ben DeGrow said...

Thanks, Alan, for the fan mail. Quite flattering coming from a Big Blue Lie Machine Full-Time Propagandist like yourself.

Clearly you have the Best Interests Of This Blog at heart.

And every time you stop by, it increases Our Wonderful Daily Readership by 50 percent!

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