Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Blue Lie Machine Co-opts Fringe Spokesman in Lame Attack Attempt

The Left has been salivating again today with news from the Denver Post that a self-appointed spokesman for an ultraconservative social issues group publicly criticized U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer on flimsy grounds. It's not often the Left attack machine or the MSM finds camaraderie with a pro-life group, but when they're sharing the same political targets, they're glad to give Colorado Right to Life (CRTL) (which has no reference to the story) - or at least Steve Curtis - free airtime.

But it's not even a one-day story, as the Post since has updated this remark:
"At best Schaffer was negligent investigating coerced abortion in the Mariana Islands," [Steve Curtis] said. "Worse, he has voted for permanent normal trade relations with China, rewarding the regime that forces women to abort their children."
With this:
By this afternoon, Curtis' tone had softened toward Schaffer, but he still maintained that the actions of some factories in the Northern Marianas were not worthy of Schaffer's support.

"As a die-hard pro-lifer, I have a problem with supporting any government that allows those atrocities to occur," Curtis said.
Interestingly, though, the Post has kept the opening phrase "Officials with two anti-abortion groups are blasting Bob Schaffer" [emphasis added], but only quotes and mentions Curtis by name.

What's the motivation then? In a post that ironically calls out Curtis as the self-appointed spokesman for the "pro-life movement," a Rocky Mountain Right diarist - like a multitude of voices in the Post article, mostly buried - sums it up well:
If Bob Schaffer isn’t pro-life enough then nobody is.
One person gets free airtime supposedly speaking for a group that is already toward the fringes, but even he backs down before the day is over. Yet one liberal blog we saw went as far as describing Curtis as Schaffer's "own conservative base." Puh-lease.

This morning's Post article can best be characterized as a lazy hit piece. Then again, maybe the newspaper was just trying to prove how easily and quickly the Left's attack machine can jump mindlessly to action, with a calloused disregard for the truth.


Curious Stranger said...

What is it exactly that makes Colorado Right To Life more "towards the fringes" than other anti-abortion groups? Just saying it is so doesn't make the case. Are they too conservative for Bob Schaffer?

Bob Kyffin said...

I am concerned about the Marianas thing. I'm particularly bothered that Schaffer is for normalizing trade relations with China, for more than one reason. Clue in -- they are our enemy! What's Schaffer thinking???

China has been arming to oppose the US for 30 years. They INTEND to go to war with us someday.

But you missed the rest of the article. Schaffer "doesn't have a position on Personhood?!"

A pro-lifer who claims Human Life begins anytime but at fertilization is not a real pro-lifer. They're pro-choice with exceptions. Schaffer has held this position in the past -- has he changed his mind?

I have enough trust in Schaffer's pro-life intentions to believe that he should support Personhood. However, if he doesn't, then that's just a sign he's moving to the left like the rest of the GOP and can't be trusted with my vote. The GOP has been compromising on "core principles" like the right to life for 2 decades now, and I'm tired of it.

I trust Schaffer will correct this oversight, and announce his support for Personhood. Otherwise, I can't support his election again.