Thursday, April 24, 2008

Silent Superdelegate Mark Udall Betraying Elitist Sympathies with Obama

An apparently unofficial Barack Obama supporter at a site called "Obama Blog" is urging readers to put the pressure on undecided superdelegates such as Boulder liberal Rep. Mark Udall.

More than a week has gone by, and Mark Udall still is avoiding the question of whether he shares Obama's elitist views about "bitter" small-town Americans who cling to guns, religion, and bigotry. By not condemning these views, it seems fair to assume that Udall either holds them personally or just doesn't feel they're a big deal.

Mark Udall grew up in Washington, D.C., the son of a United States Senator (who "ran for the Democratic nomination for President as a liberal alternative to the Southern centrist Jimmy Carter" in 1976). Maybe that lies behind any elitist sympathies.

After the stinging results of the Pennsylvania primary that look increasingly likely to push the Democratic race for President to the August convention in Denver, Mark Udall may be having second thoughts.

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