Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Does Superdelegate Mark Udall Share Barack Obama's Views on Small-Town America?

About 10 days ago I noted that Mark Udall's dilemma as a Democratic superdelegate was "looking as sticky as ever." Now, with the revelations of Barack Obama's true elitist feelings about "bitter" middle America, it seems the choice would be easier.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) wants to know where Udall stands:

My only quibble with the NRSC ad comes insofar as I agree with Charles Krauthammer's analysis:
The word that is killing him here is not "bitterness," it is "cling," because it drips of condescension. They cling to guns and religion because they are too stupid to understand their own class interests. And that is his message.
Maybe this statement by Barack Obama isn't enough to persuade Mark Udall to endorse primary opponent Hillary Clinton. But Udall could at least come out and give a clear and strong condemnation of these liberal elitist views.

By his continuing silence in failing to respond to the outrageous remarks by a leader in his own party, Mark Udall is leaving small-town Coloradans (who may happen to own guns, go to church, and/or have differing viewpoints on immigration) to wonder what he thinks of them, too.

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