Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PolitickerCO: Mark Udall Interview

Jeremy Pelzer at PolitickerCO has an interview with Mark Udall:
PolitickerCO: There's a new poll out a couple days ago showing you with a 12-point lead over Bob Schaffer. But before that, as I'm sure you know, all the polls show you and Bob within the margin of error. Are you still expecting a close race through November?

Udall: [Laughs] Of course. The only poll that counts is the one on November 4 of this year. I know that's a truism, but that truly is the only contest that matters. I expect this race to be hard-fought. Colorado's a swing state. The color schemes that people like to use are, I think, of limited use, but if you want to use the color scheme we're a purple state. I do believe my record, my style, my focus will be attractive to Colorado voters, particularly independents and swing voters. And people want a change, people want problem-solving. They don't want the ideology or formulaic approaches to policy-making. And certainly that characterizes my record in the Congress and my style.

Bob Schaffer, on the other hand: if you look at his record, it speaks volumes. The difference between Bob Schaffer and myself are numerous, and I'd be happy to share that list with you. But let me say this too: my focus right now is on traveling the state, listening to people here, letting them hear what I have to say about the country's future, and introducing myself to them and undergoing what is a long, exciting and important job interview, and at a necessary point in time, then, people can draw the contrasts between Bob Schaffer and myself.

But in sum, I'm saying to people, "Here's why I want the job," not why Bob Schaffer is somehow not ready for the job -- though I think that needs to be made.
Some boilerplate, but Udall mainly takes the high road, until the small swipe at the end.

Exit question: Udall dubs himself an "independent Western Democrat"--do you buy it? Is Udall just as "mainstream" as Gov. Bill Ritter or Senator Ken Salazar claimed to be in their elections?

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