Monday, April 7, 2008

U.S. Term Limits Ad for Bob Schaffer Earns High Marks for Truthfulness

A recent ad that U.S. Term Limits ran on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer won high marks on the "Truth Test" at
QUOTE: "Today, we have more charter schools–thanks to Bob Schaffer."

TRUTH: This is true. Bob Schaffer has been an active supporter for charter schools since the Colorado Charter Schools Act (SB 93-138) passed in 1993. Its prime sponsors were then-Sen. Bill Owens (R-Aurora), then-Rep. Peggy Kerns (D-Aurora) (Source: CO General Assembly) and signed into law by then-Gov. Roy Romer (D-Colorado).

Schaffer was an original co-sponsor of that proposal. (Source: Schools of Choice Unit at the Colorado Department of Education e-mail, April 7, 2008)

In 1996, then-Sen. Schaffer co-sponsored legislation at the State Capitol that created an advisory committee to develop ways for improving the Charter Schools Act. (Source: CO General Assembly)

Further, Schaffer, with other like-minded parents in Fort Collins, founded that city's first-ever charter school, Liberty Common School, in 1997. (Source: Denver Post, October 24, 1999).
It's nice to see honest political ads touting the record of a candidate with true integrity: Bob Schaffer. A breath of fresh air for Colorado's independent voters.

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