Sunday, April 13, 2008

One More Reason to be Skeptical of Self-Appointed "Gurus"

A blatantly partisan site that occasionally makes mention of the Schaffer-Udall Senate race, a site to which I seldom pay attention, actually made me laugh out loud today. Not surprisingly, the site, titled "Senate Guru," regurgitates the latest Big Blue Lie Machine slime job.


What got my attention and made me laugh was this statement from the "Senate Guru":
No question that Congressman Mark Udall will obliterate Schaffer in debates.
I knew the site was blatantly partisan; now I know it's completely disconnected from reality. Living in the Left-liberal echo chamber has a tendency to do that to people.

Ask any reasonably neutral and knowledgeable political observer in this state which candidate - Bob Schaffer or Mark Udall - will find debates to be a greater strength. Apparently, "Senate Guru" hasn't done so.

Furthermore, if Mark Udall "will obliterate" Bob Schaffer, why in the world is Udall refusing to join a bipartisan online debate?

I'd like to think for the sake of some sliver of credibility that "Senate Guru" would be willing to retract the off-the-wall statement. I may be asking for too much.

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