Monday, July 14, 2008

Bob Schaffer's Clear Debate Victory over Mark Udall Sways Uncommitted Voter

The Denver Post has a decent story about today's debate between Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall, but most interesting is this comment left by an attendee at today's debate:
I attended the debate as a guest of the South East Business Partnership (SEBP). I sat two rows from the speakers and saw everything live.

While I was leaning toward Udall for his record on aerospace, I couldn't believe his performance in the debate. A friend of mine (and staunch Udall advocate) was horrified and joked we should have sat in the back so leaving was an option. He was terribly concerned for his candidate following the dbate.

If I heard Udall say "We are all Americans" once more than the 32 times I counted I would have considered driving a srewdriver into my tempel to stop the pain.

This Schaffer guy wiped the floor with Udall who looked like a deer in the headlights. On enegry and Iraq Udall used the famous I voted for it before I voted against it - defense many times but using different words.

Schaffer dominated the debate and won handedly. Any unbiased observor would easily come to this conclusion. I was just sad to see your coverage so very different from the actual event I witnessed. Regardless of who the reporter supports he should report the truth.

It was like watching a wrestler sitting on top of his opponent in every round and reading an account in the paper that is was an even fight.

I want to do more research on Schaffer before saying I support him but based on the debate - the winner was much more clear than your newspaper reported. [emphases added]
Any assessment that I could make showing that Bob Schaffer won the debate hands down could not be so persuasive. A diehard Lefty Mark Udall supporter who watched the debate disagreed with one of Schaffer's main points of attack but had to admit his candidate's performance was "platitudinous."

Visuals from today's debate are available both at Rocky Mountain Right and Face The State. 9News has the complete video: Those who wish to watch the debate the old-fashioned way can tune in Sunday, July 20, at 10:30 AM, on My20, Comcast Channel 3.

Too bad for Mark Udall that this debate won't be the last one.

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