Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Politicker's Silly Dig at New Schaffer Staffer: Another Sign Debate's Time Has Come

More proof positive that Colorado's U.S. Senate race apparently lacks substance and that the first debate can't arrive soon enough....From Politicker today comes this report about the Bob Schaffer campaign's hiring of a new press secretary, one-time Wayne Allard staffer and former schoolteacher Kelly Brady:
"Kelly is an excellent addition to our hard working staff," said Schaffer in the first release issued by Brady. "She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the issues affecting Colorado voters."

We assume that Brady wrote the Schaffer quote herself.

And that's all she could come up with about yourself [sic]?

Kelly...you have a pen...use it.
Actually, a little modesty and a sense of perspective is quite refreshing. Kelly Brady recognizes it isn't all about herself - a sort of elementary discovery that has escaped many on the contemporary political scene.

Quite simply put, we at Schaffer v Udall are looking forward to the first debate, too.

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el presidente said...

Went to college with Kelly at CU Boulder--she will be a great addition to the Schaffer campaign.