Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thanking Mark Udall for the Gas Price Pain that Keeps Many Home This Fourth of July

An important holiday weekend is almost upon us, so you won't see much more posting here between now and next Monday. But here's something unpleasant to think about, especially for those Coloradans planning to travel in celebration of the long Independence Day weekend:
Record high gas prices likely await motorists this Fourth of July weekend.

Nationally, regular unleaded gasoline averages $4.092, an all-time record according to AAA. That's more than $1 above the price a year ago.

In Fort Collins-Loveland, the average price Wednesday was $4.017, just below the record of $4.018, set Sunday. The average price a year ago was $3.136, according to AAA.

High gas prices will likely keep many motorists home this year, AAA predicts.
If you're one of those who has opted for the "stay-cation" because of high gas prices, you still need to remember your manners. Be sure to drop a thank-you note to Boulder liberal Mark Udall for the chance to stay home and spend more time with those close to you. If you're feeling generous, you could also congratulate Udall for finally achieving the goal of inflicting intense consumer pain at the pump that fits the radical agenda of his environmental interest group friends.

You see, Mark Udall and company don't mind imposing some poverty on hardship and families as they impose their will on society. Some middle-class families' belt-tightening includes passing up the opportunity to travel around Independence Day. Are Mark Udall and his environmentalist friends trapped near their homes - be it Boulder, Eldorado Springs, Denver, or Aspen?

The rest of us would like to see an increase in domestic energy supply to tide us over until truly affordable and usable renewable energy is available. I'll let new blogger Civil Sense sum up, since he does it so well:
One of the reasons America is so free is the nearly limitless personal mobility that the automobile allows. Tomorrow’s technology will solve the energy problems of tomorrow. Today, we need to develop our own domestic oil resources to keep energy prices lower until these new technologies are ready to compete at a larger scale on the energy markets.
That's Bob Schaffer-style common sense, so much at odds with the painful Mark Udall experiment in social engineering. Enjoy your long weekend at home!

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Curious Stranger said...

I would love to hear how the confused Republican economic theories we've all been witness to these last 8 years explain Mark Udall's responsibility for record high oil prices in a open *global* market. Or are you saying it's Udall's fault we haven't adopted some Venezuelan/Chinese style oil subsidization? What policies has Udall sponsored that have made oil expensive at the source, in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc? How does supporting energy conservation at home in the US cause the price of oil to go up all around the world? Have the laws of supply and demand been turned on their head - or has the Republican party abandoned them like they've abandoned common sense? Or is this just more of the same lazy
"reporting" I'm coming to expect from the staff of this blog? Just saying it doesn't make it so - you need to support your assertions with proof or its just a lazy smear.