Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latest Poll Overstates Mark Udall's Lead - Bob Schaffer's Work Still Cut Out for Him

A new poll from the Democrat firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Boulder liberal Mark Udall with a 47-38 lead over Bob Schaffer.

What can we take away from the survey? That Mark Udall is still ahead, but that his lead may be starting to slip. Yes, Udall topped Schaffer 49-40 in the last Rasmussen poll, the same difference as yesterday's results. But the more recent PPP poll has a skewed sample of respondents: 40% Democrat, 36% Republican, 24% Other. Actual registration figures for Colorado are: 35% Other, 34% Republican, 31% Democrat.

With partisan affiliations factored in, Mark Udall's edge is trimmed to 46-39. Interestingly, the same calculation made in the Presidential race puts Barack Obama and John McCain into a virtual dead heat in Colorado - opposed to the 47-43 Obama edge touted by PPP.

Just because the latest poll gives Mark Udall an extra two-point cushion is no great consolation. Bob Schaffer still has a lot of work to do to persuade independent voters in an uphill election year for Republicans, but highly visible debates can only help his cause.


Savanna said...

schaffer is anti roe v wade..

he is a creationist like sarah palin

he is against raising the minimum wage

he is pro war and

schaffer supports Bush 100%

what else do you need to know about this loser??

Savanna said...


for a minute there thought my previous post

telling truth about schaffer..might actually get posted...

we'll see

Ben DeGrow said...

I hope you realize that this post is almost 3 months old, that it doesn't need to be responded to because it's inanity speaks for itself, and that your last comment had to be rejected for profanity.

I truly feel sorry for you, your ignorance, and your blind hatred.