Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yesterday, July 30: A Day the Mark Udall Campaign May Look Back On in Regret

213-212. Less than 48 hours after he mad a promise to vote to keep Congress busy to deal with the nation's domestic energy problems, Mark Udall showed up a few minutes too late to cast an important vote. And that favorable interpretation requires taking him at his word.

You know, he was too busy raising funds for his Senate campaign to show up and cast important votes. It doesn't say much about how well Mark Udall would represent Colorado as a U.S. Senator.

Reports the Denver Post:
[Udall spokeswoman Taylor] West said that her boss would send a letter to Pelosi today objecting to the fact that the vote wasn't delayed long enough for him to make it from the Washington airport to the Capitol.
First, when did Taylor West - one of two people who believed Mark Udall actually won the first debate - resume official PR duties for the Udall campaign?

Second, Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have saved Mark Udall from choosing between breaking a public promise and voting against a long history of energy obstruction likely will be too transparent to work. But she didn't do Udall any favor. Pelosi is more concerned about saving many of her House Democrats seeking re-election from having to cast a vote on the issue than securing Colorado's U.S. Senate seat for her party. Translation? Nancy Pelosi threw Mark Udall under the bus.

Of course, this all assumes we give Mark Udall all the benefit of the doubt. After all, based on his record, there's absolutely no reason to believe that Udall has any serious intention to go against his entire Congressional career by seeking to improve America's domestic energy supply. Yes - the only place Mark Udall wants to drill is your wallet.

Fourteen weeks from now, on Election Night, the events of yesterday well may be looked back upon as a critical and decisive moment in the U.S. Senate race. And that would be bad news for Mark Udall.


Alan said...

Wow, now that this whole "controversy" has been proven to be a steaming pile of baseless nonsense, these posts are really going to suck for you credibility-wise. Look before you leap next time, you know?

Ben DeGrow said...

And the credibility of every major newspaper in Colorado, and Colorado Pols itself -- as linked in this post.

Kind of funny, Alan, since you're the only one asserting it to be "a steaming pile of baseless nonsense" -- and you're not exactly the beacon of non-partisan credibility yourself.

Thanks for expressing your concern about my credibility -- about as concerned as Brer Rabbit was to be thrown in the brier patch.

With friends like you, Mark Udall can be grateful for turning unmitigated disasters into slightly mitigated ones.