Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mark Udall Healthcare Quips

A couple examples from the end of yesterday's debate help to highlight why Mark Udall isn't exactly in the same league as Barack Obama when it comes to drawing and inspiring a crowd.

Here are two Mark Udall quotes in response to a question about health care reform (access to the full 9News video - see Part 3 - is here):

"We have 800,000 people here in Colorado who don't have healthcare. Many of them feel like they're an illness away from being bankrupt. They don't know how they're going to cover their premiums for the next month. This isn't acceptable."

Those uninsurance premiums are really high, eh?

"Because this isn't only about our economy, it's about our national security. To win the war on terror, we have to have every American as healthy as possible. By working together we can do that."

Congress is going to work together to make us all healthy enough to win the war on terrorism? Um, okay....

And they say that health care is a stronger suit for Democrats.

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