Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest Silly Denver Post "Expose" Reminder of Need for Serious Debate to Discuss

The Denver Post's Michael Riley - whose ongoing assignment seems to be dredging up the most nonsensical attacks against Bob Schaffer - makes the stunning discovery that the U.S. Senate candidate served on the board of an online university with a classical education curriculum, that served as "an academic haven for conservatives." Um ... okay.

Someone will have to tell me why this is a story, except that the Post is blind to its own narrow liberal bias and is not familiar with a traditional classical education curriculum.

Bring on that debate so we can talk about the substance of the campaign.


alan said...

Wouldn't you rather be talking about this story?

Schaffer's Kurdish oil deal causes problems for Iraq

An oil contract Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer helped negotiate in Iraqi Kurdistan is one of several production deals the U.S. State Department has flagged as problematic for Iraq and its attempts to establish a national oil policy.

The oil contract, finalized in November 2007, allows a subsidiary of Schaffer’s former employer, Denver-based Aspect Energy, to produce oil on a nearly 104-square-mile plot in the Dohuk Governate in northern Iraq.

Schaffer confirmed Wednesday he was one of several Aspect Energy executives who visited Kurdistan in November 2006 and laid the groundwork for the company’s oil deal with the Kurds...

Schaffer said he was unaware the State Department had warned energy firms not to strike oil deals with the Kurdistan Regional Government at the time of his visit.

“We didn’t experience any discouragement,” Schaffer said.

John Fleming, a spokesman with the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, said the U.S. government has always asked that energy firms conduct business with Iraq’s federal government and not other entities in the country.

“Our policy is to support the national government and its efforts to have national hydrocarbon legislation,” Fleming said.

Much more interesting than some cornball Davey Horowitz U, don't you agree?

Ben DeGrow said...

No. You seem to be doing a fine job of it yourself. You and your Lefty friends seem to have no problem generating all the echo-chamber chatter on it. You hardly need us.

There's only so much time in the day, and plenty of Mark Udall lies and foibles that get short shrift (or none at all) from the talking heads.

You are doing your paid propagandist work quite well enough without our added interference.

alan said...

Translation: "this story is disastrous for Bob Schaffer, and I've got nothing." Cool, I just wanted to hear it.

Would you like to arm-wrestle? You know, one "paid propagandist" to another. You could probably take me, I'm just an all-talk wussy.