Monday, July 28, 2008

Schaffer Udall Fox 31 Pre-Debate Rally--Photos And Video

Photos/video of the rally outside--

Yep, it's evil.

Signs of the times--commuters along Speer and Lincoln were treated to a lot of signs, and responded with honking.

Anti-Udall protestors--from his left--brought out the impeachment signs and asked for Udall to bring President Bush and Vice President Cheney on charges.

The battle is joined--Boulder liberals welcome!

These guys have appeared at both of the debates--"Where is Mark Udall on EFCA?"

Showin' liberals a little love.

Like the "Veterans for Udall," it wasn't quite clear if those holding signs were actually veterans or firefighters.

There was a large youth contingent among Schaffer's supporters.

The wall of Udall supporters make their case--"M A R K, vote for Udall all the way!"

But the high cost of energy was on the minds of Schaffer's supporters--"drill here, drill now!"

Big Time Bob Schaffer fans brave the late July heat--with fan-favorite "U-Turn Udall" signs highlighting the Democrat's record.

Bob Schaffer greets supporters outside the Fox 31 Studio as Dick Wadhams looks on.

Schaffer chats with supporters before heading inside.

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