Friday, July 11, 2008

Mark Udall Has Current Edge, But New Campaign Phase About to Begin

From CQ Politics' latest analysis, Colorado's U.S. Senate is the fourth most likely to change hands in this fall's election. After noting Mark Udall's recent lead in the polls, they add:
The state still is closely divided politically and Republicans say they are confident that their candidate, conservative former Rep. Bob Schaffer, will hold the seat by proving to voters that Udall, whose political base is in the liberal college town of Boulder, is too far left for Colorado....
Mark Udall currently has the edge, but the race is sure to tighten up as it enters a new phase in which:

1) Bob Schaffer gets to ply his natural edge in televised debates with Boulder liberal Mark Udall
2) The arrival of the Democratic National Convention provides an opportunity for independent voters to see some of Mark Udall's less respectable cousins up close and personal
3) Voters across Colorado get engaged with the issues and the campaign while still paying four dollars or more per gallon at the pump

While Schaffer v Udall has been covering Colorado's U.S. Senate showdown in earnest for more than a year, the longest and most in-depth part of the campaign lies ahead.

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