Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Despite My Mistake, Mark Udall's Still Dishonest about 9/11 and Dept. of Peace

When an error of fact is pointed out, I'm quick to make a correction. One of our favorite commenters absurdicus noted that I uncritically quoted a misstatement in this post about Mark Udall's deceitful statement that 9/11 changed him. In that post I quoted a watcher, who wrote "Mark Udall's co-sponsorship of the Department of Peace bill didn't take place until after 9/11."

Absurdicus comments in response:
wrong, wrong, wrong. He signed on as cosponsor on JULY 11, 2001. Last time I checked July came before September.

If you and grandpa mcgrumpy are gonna lie and lie and lie, at least make it something where it's not so easy to find proof of your lies. But, nice job at projecting. That, you do well.
Absurdicus is correct (and I invite you to follow the link), but foolishly attacks our speck while the beam bulges from his candidate's eye. If 9/11 truly changed Mark Udall's views about the Department of Peace, it seems he would have revoked his co-sponsorship, oh, relatively soon after 9/11. It hardly matters to this point whether Udall first co-sponsored the Department of Peace legislation two months before 9/11 or two months afterward. The question of importance is when he terminated his co-sponsorship.

As the National Republican Senatorial Committee documented well, it took Mark Udall two-and-a-half years after 9/11 to drop his co-sponsorship of the Department of Peace: March 17, 2004. Coincidentally, though, it came one week after he first announced he was running for U.S. Senate. Does anyone still want to argue credibly that he changed his position on the issue because of 9/11? Or is it much clearer now that the move is part of Boulder liberal Mark Udall's careful calculation to remake his image as he runs for statewide office?

To absurdicus, I know you were trying to take the heat off Mark Udall and to make us look bad. You're just doing your job. But I also appreciate the opportunity to correct my minor error quickly and to explore the issue again - to re-emphasize the fraud in Udall's claim that 9/11 changed his views on the Department of Peace.

I'm willing to acknowledge and correct my mistake. But the problem with Mark Udall's statement about 9/11 and his support for the Department of Peace remains. Is he willing to acknowledge and correct his "mistake"?

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Sn0wdrifter said...

This is a massively-biased blog. I opened it, expecting to find a little objectivity, but there isn't much besides Republican propaganda here.