Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mark Udall Pledges to Work Toward Energy Solutions Before Congressional Recess

At yesterday's pre-recorded debate between Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall, the Boulder liberal Democrat candidate made a promise:
Schaffer, meanwhile, accused congressional Democrats of being more concerned with voting to recess at the end of the week than passing an energy plan. Agreeing to Schaffer's challenge, Udall said he would not vote for a recess until an energy bill comes up.
At The Colorado Index, Civil Sense highlights the importance of Mark Udall's promise and why it will be difficult for him to keep:
It is unlikely that Nancy Pelosi and the Delay, Don’t Drill, Do Nothing Democrats would allow debate on an energy bill before summer recess as this would force vulnerable Democrat House members to vote against their leadership. Time will tell whether or not Mark Udall will have to follow through or renege on his promise to vote against summer recess.
In addition to sitting on their collective hands on expanding domestic energy supply, Mark Udall and the Democratic Congress have failed to pass a single appropriations bill to fund the federal government, to fill numerous judicial vacancies, and to investigate massive corruption uncovered among trial lawyers.

Will Mark Udall keep his promise? Or will he come back to Colorado with an "aw shucks, I tried" that befits his dedication to radical environments over domestic energy solutions?

The Bob Schaffer-Mark Udall debate airs locally in Colorado on 10 PM Sunday on Fox 31.

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Alan said...

On a related note, here's something truly hilarious:

Apparently Dick Wadhams thought he had Udall nailed on some vote in 2004 for renewable energy tax credits that Udall "missed."

To prove this, Wadhams sent to reporters a press release from an energy nonprofit...thanking Udall for his "vital" work pushing the bill through. Can you say "backfire," possibly accompanied by the descriptor "moron?" Say the Guvs charitably, "oops!" Did he read it before he sent it? You don't suppose Wadhams is double agent, do you? Because it's either that or "moron" -- pick one.

And if that wasn't enough of a punchline, the Udall campaign explains why, despite their work on the bill in question, he wasn't present for the vote: he was visiting our troops in Iraq. You know, as a congressman in an official delegation, not an oil industry profiteer.

If that was the best you guys could come up with from this latest debate, I honestly do pity you, no sarcasm.