Friday, September 21, 2007

Boulderite Thinking

Did you know that Boulder has a "Climate Action Plan?" Neither did we. There is a hot race for city council in Boulder this year and all of the candidates were asked to comment on it by the Boulder paper. Our friend, Liberal and Loving it, graded the responses, and he didn't grade on the curve.

His comments are shorter than those of the candidates and provide a glimpse into the mind of Mark Udall and the future of Colorado and the nation if Mark Udall is elected to the US Senate.

Here is the standard he set and his first three comments, and grades:

My answers are predicated upon the economic consensus that the most effective approach is to tax carbon emissions and oil usage. However, I'm not sure any candidate can win in Boulder on that platform as the environmental group endorsements tend to select the winners and those groups generally prefer mandated actions over market pricing.

Matthew Applebaum D+ : Matt definitely takes the "we will force all of you to do these specific things" approach. Under that approach all of Matt's point are good, but the sum total is a significant intrusion into every building in the city (but no vehicles).

Philip Bradley B+ : A decent market oriented approach with the tax credit. And he keeps it simple which is also commendable.

Seth Brigham A- : Seth's comments are not a model of clarity but I think what he is proposing is people & companies (including the city government) are taxed based on their carbon emissions. Good answer.

You are getting an inside look at how Boulderites think, and thus how Mark Udall is forced to think. The hurdle Mark Udall has to overcome, and probably cannot, is that for 10 years he has represented Boulder and this kind of Boulderite thinking in Congress. Do you still question why he supports every hair brained scheme that the Sierra Club throws his way?

LALI gave Applebaum a D+ but as much as admits that he will get elected because the Sierra Club favors mandates.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons that we like LALI is because while he is a liberal, he is a market orientated liberal, which is quite unusual and refreshing. Yes, he has crackpot ideas (favors impeachment), but he is not totally loopy (favors nuclear power).

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