Saturday, September 29, 2007

On Calling Mark Udall a Fool

Earlier this morning we thought long and hard about the advisability of calling Mark Udall a fool on thecoloradoindex. We have been the biggest advocates for a civil discourse in this campaign and didn't want to be seen as hypocritical.

We think that this one time, it is appropriate to illustrate that Mark Udall's attempt to score a political point is foolish, More than foolish, it is dangerous to our democracy in a way that he and his staff should have seen.

When a politician does something as dumb as encouraging the military to politicize itself, we think he deserves to be called a fool. The founders, especially including George Washington, would call him a fool. Why should we avoid calling him a fool except out of an exaggerated and unwise sense of civility?

Now, if only we could get the blogger who called Bob Schaffer "a jackass" in a one paragraph entry yesterday to take the time to justify his use of that term, we couldn't call Mark Udall's supporters uncivil. Since he made no attempt to justify his words, we can, and we will call Mark Udall's supporters uncivil.

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