Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Truth Comes Out

In the course of writing about a planned protest against Mark Udall, a commenter observed:

What press the protesters do get out of it will just help Udall moderate his image in the end. Since he's been happily dosey-do'ing with Marilyn Musgrave on occasion, I'm sure he won't mind getting shouted at by the Angry Left.

Another said:

When contacted (about what kind of sentence Caroline Bninski should get), Udall refused to indicate that a 30 or 60 day jail sentence was inappropriate. 30 or 60 days for PEACEFUL protest!

Has anyone stopped to think that the first comment identifies a clear motive for the strange behavior of Congressman Udall's staff in this very strange matter? If Udall wanted to make the Angry Left even angrier, getting a leader thrown in the slammer for a year is almost as good as throwing her under a bus and a lot more deniable.

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