Friday, September 14, 2007

An Open Letter to Wayne Wolf

A well known Colorado blogger, writer, and frequent radio and television personality has written an open to Wayne Wolf suggesting that he not run for the US Senate.

While I don't want to overstate your influence on the race, because I think it will be quite small, I still believe that in these days of very close races, a small influence might end up making a difference. If you want to spend the next 6 or 12 or 18 years wondering whether Colorado is suffering through Senator Mark Udall because you chose to create an unwinnable distraction within the GOP, you're certainly free to do so with what liberty we have left in this country. But if your goal is good government and having an exceptionally talented Senator representing Colorado, I would suggest that you don't run and that you try to help Bob Schaffer get elected.

Meanwhile, one of the contributors to this site, Ben DeGrow, writes:

Consider this post a “ditto” to Rossputin’s letter ... because he is spot on. Some reporter needs to fairly and candidly ask Mr. Wolf more questions about his intentions and motivations.

Wolf’s campaign will prove its relative worth soon enough, but the sincere political observer has to ask: Why the U.S. Senate? Why now? Why not run for a seat that lacks a qualified GOP candidate, like the 3rd Congressional District?

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