Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Liberal and Loving It Endorses Joan

In blog interview too long to quote, our liberal friend makes Joan Fitz-Gerald sound almost conservative.

She loves the constitution (except when it requires the legislature, rather than the courts to do redistricting).

We need to do right by soldiers (the I love the soldiers but hate the war routine).

She will clearly be a strong intelligent voice on getting us the hell out of Iraq and taking care of our returning troops. And she does mean out - Marine guard at the embassy and that's it for troops in the country.

She doesn't like student loans (???).

Unlike Mark Udall who is by comparison a slacker, and relatively ineffective:

She is not willing to sit back and say it takes years to bring up bills and get them through. She is not willing to feel good about having 1 or 2 bills that matter come through each year. The best way she put it was in terms of when you have kids you have such a short time to raise them and so time matters. She would be one voice of 435 but she would be one of the more effective ones and she would be pushing to get things handled now.

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