Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singin' in the Rain

Open Left has just labeled Mark Udall a "Cautious Liberal." That allows us to get our scoreboard out for an update.

The Mark Udall is not a moderate scoreboard:
Extremist 2
Reliably Left Wing 4
Liberal (cautious or not) 14
Moderate 0
Conservative (Anyone know the Roman Numeral for Zero?) 0

This scoreboard was started when we noticed that liberal blogs and the msm were calling Mark Udall a liberal, reliably left wing, and even an extremist. This scoreboard does not include data from any conservative blog and excluded a TV interview of a Republican politician. Those who wish to check its methodology can follow the bread crumbs back.

Do go read the Open Left posting for his take on the 2CD race:

The race pits Jared Polis, an openly gay progressive businessman and philanthropist, against Joan Fitz-Gerald, an Emily's List candidate and President of the Colorado State Senate (there's a third and largely irrelevant candidate).

In the 2d Quarter, that "irrelevant candidate" out raised Fitz-Gerald and tied Polis if Polis' self funding is ignored.

To answer our own trivia question, the Romans can claim no great mathematicians because their number system didn't have a zero.

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