Saturday, September 1, 2007

We Like Word Pictures

It is almost an addiction. We like painting them and we admire others who use them. Thus when a blogger described David Sirota as someone who drew attention to himself by standing on one foot and spinning, it made us laugh.

We might have added a wide pink tutu and pink slippers to a picture of David spinning as he beat the top of his chest while screaming out a loud Tarzan like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Well, David is up on one foot again. He has no personal ethics or he would be writing about Mark Udall who sold his vote to labor on a bill he admits he didn't like. Instead, he is slamming Bob Schaffer for "hypocrisy," and trying to restart something that was effectively put to bed last week by the Rocky Mountain News.

Living The Grand Life had a quotable quote today that fits Sirota almost as well as his tutu:

Do some liberals accuse conservatives of hypocrisy because libs have no core values and can therefore never violate them?

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