Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sheep "Lover" Goes Postal

Wendy Norris is ranting 50,000 watts of hate over Bob Schaffer's easily defensible comments that Harry Reid is trying to lose the war for political advantage:

but at the same time, for the sake of political advantage I think it's foolish to behave the way you see people like Harry Reid and other, others who are leading the Senate right now, that I think are trying to, at the end, the analysis of their achievement and what they are effectively accomplishing is a deliberate loss and a surrender in Iraq for the sake of their political advantage at election time in 2008. I think they're hoping America loses.

Wasn't it Harry Reid who solemnly announced that "The war is lost" six months ago after one big car bomb went off? Did anyone notice how quickly Democrat Senators distanced themselves from that comment? Isn't Harry Reid the Senate Leader who is orchestrating vote after vote to defund the war? Aren't Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the two leaders most responsible for a Congressional approval rating that is lower than President Bush because of their pro-defeat tactics?

Wendy Norris, who is paid handsomely to be nasty to Republicans, implies that Bob Schaffer called Harry Reid "a traitor" when all he did was to describe what Reid was doing. If Norris sees Reid as a traitor from Schaffer's description, which she doesn't dispute, then Reid might well be walking close to the edge of that abyss.

The last time Wendy Norris ranted "50,000 watts of hate," it was over a new law which made it a crime to learn as much about individual sheep as she apparently suggested she wants to learn. As always, she was tastelessly blaming a totally innocent and uninvolved Republican who wasn't in the legislature when the law was passed. (h/t Colorado Confidential)

We wrote about it here.

A reminder to left wing blogs: If you are dumb enough to put on your blog the kind of stupid, tasteless, mindless stuff that gets you snickers at your private parties and then write about Bob Schaffer, we are quite happy to send Mark Udall down the slide we have described and see what sticks. A candidate is best known by his supporters.

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