Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where's the Beef?

Now we are hearing from a left wing blog that Bob Schaffer "is so far out of the mainstream of the Republican party" (that he couldn't finish his sentence).

That is new news to us. We have written elsewhere in "Why Mark Udall Will Be In Trouble" that we support Schaffer, and we can't possibly be described as "right wing." Not only that, we heard from two other Colorado Republican bloggers that their views aren't that much different from ours and they are supporting Bob Schaffer.

So, where's the beef in this claim? Don't just throw out a thought, document it. When we comment about Mark Udall being far to the left of people like Ken Salazar and Bill Ritter, we quote left wing blogs and msm sources that have made that observation. Look below for a music themed post for an example. We invite readers to check out our methodology and follow the links.

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