Thursday, September 13, 2007

End of a Debate?

It seems that the great debate over the appropriate use of a poem is over. "Steve Balboni" tried to lay claim to the high ground by asserting that "First, They Came For The Jews" was

equating the arrest of these protesters with the murder of Jews in the holocaust.

That position was undercut when the Colorado Index responded with "The Ends Don't Really Justify the Means."

We suspect that "Balboni" knew exactly what we were doing, and knew the history of that quote, but in his liberal mind, the ends justify the means. Claiming that we were labeling folks Nazi's served his purpose. It did not, as he well knows, serve the truth.

The Index asked once again if "Steve Balboni" was

too smugly blinded by your politics to see right from wrong.

After "Steve Balboni" complemented Colorado Index and panned schaffer v udall ("The folks at Schaffer v. Udall though couldn't debate themselves out of a wet paper bag") someone pointed out to "Balboni" that "A Watcher" wrote on both blogs. It was good for a chuckle.

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